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What is the aim of Wungening Moort?

The aim of this service is to keep children and young people safely at home with family, connected with country, culture and community.
The service offers culturally secure, responsive and practical support, delivered by four Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations.
The Wungening Moort partners are:

  • Wungening Aboriginal Corporation (lead agency)
  • Coolabaroo Community Services
  • Ebenezer Aboriginal Corporation
  • Moorditj Koort

How does Wungening Moort support children and families?

A culturally secure, responsive and practical service, we assist Aboriginal families to keep their children safely at home with loving family, community and culture.
We will visit you and your family at home (or somewhere comfortable) and help you to come up with a plan, supporting you to be the best parent you can. We will support you across the areas of:

  • Parenting and relationships
  • Budgeting
  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Family appointments
  • School support and homework time
  • Counselling and other supports

We will also support your family to make good decisions. We can connect you to other services to get support for alcohol and other drug use, family violence, health issues and any other concerns about your family.

Who is eligible for Wungening Moort?

In Noongar language, Wungening Moort means Families Healing. The team at Wungening Moort offer an in-home support service for Aboriginal families who are currently in contact with the child protection system.
The service will:

  • Support families to keep children safely at home
  • Support families to get children back home (reunification)
  • Support families who have been referred through the Family Support Network or Child Protection because they have some safety worries for the children.


Referrals can only be made through either:

  • Department of Communities – Child Protection and Family Support
  • Local Family Support Network
  • Please speak to your worker for more information.