“Sometimes I really need to talk about stuff”

“They taught us a lot of things that I wouldn’t know otherwise”

“You were there in my sadness
And my celebrations too
When no one else was there
I found comfort in you

You’ve shared my up and my downs
My lies and my truths
Taken the pain and sadness
And numbed the abuse

When I sunk to my lowest
And hocked what I had
You were there to support me
Through all that was bad

When my mates said enough
And were sick of the lies
We hid in my bedroom
And closed our eyes

But now it’s time
I want them back
The ones I love
I’m on the right track

So here’s where it ends
It’s time for good bye
To a life of torment
That’s been full of lies

So good bye to Meth
And other drugs too
For today is the start
Of something new”