‘Wanju’ is a Noongar word meaning 'welcome'

Connect Wanju is a partnership between Palmerston Association and Wungening Aboriginal Corporation, funded by the Department of Justice.

Working in partnership with the General Court Intervention Program (GCIP), Connect Wanju has been created to enhance the engagement of participants in meeting their treatment needs, as assessed by the General Court Intervention Program, and ultimately, to reduce participants interactions with the justice system.

Working with a culturally secure approach, our services will connect participants to opportunities for long term change, with a specific focus on:

  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Alcohol and other Drugs
  • Socio-economic needs 
  • Homelessness

What is the program about?

The client group are adults charged with offences who are eligible for bail and appearing at Perth Magistrates Court.

All referrals will come from the General Court Intervention Program (GCIP) team, based at Perth Magistrates Court.

For those assessed as suitable for GCIP participation, Palmerston Association in partnership with Wungening Aboriginal Corporation, has been contracted to provide community programs and services through Connect Wanju, a program tailored specifically for GCIP participants.

Connect Wanju will work closely with GCIP Case Managers to support and address the individual’s goals over the 12 week period based on the identified needs.

Engagement and Intake

  • Peer connection
  • Cultural safety
  • Support Plan
  • Collaboration with GCIP Case Managers

Change Journey

  • Tailored support
  • Brokerage and advocacy to services
  • Engage with community supports
  • Peer connection


  • Support plan review
  • Treatment support
  • Established ongoing connection to services

Who is eligible?

GCIP is open to adults who are appearing before the Perth Magistrates Court and meet bail requirements.  Participants consent to be in the program and are seeking help with certain needs.

Participation in GCIP is voluntary. The program is available regardless of whether a plea has been entered or whether a participant intends to plead guilty or not.

How to apply

Connect Wanju team cannot accept direct referrals.

All referral enquiries regarding the program should be directed to:

Central Law Courts
Level 4, 501 Hay Street

Email   [email protected]

A person appearing at Perth Magistrates Court can refer themselves to the GCIP program at the Central Law Courts or be referred by:

  • family or friends
  • lawyers
  • a support services agency
  • a registrar
  • a judicial officer
  • the police

Contacting the Connect Wanju team

Phone   Email