Wungening Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation which provides culturally secure, confidential and free of charge alcohol and drug services to Aboriginal people in the Perth metropolitan area. We also manage Wooree Miya Women’s Refuge, a short-term crisis accommodation service for women and children escaping family and domestic violence or other crisis. We are the only Aboriginal specific alcohol and drug service in the metropolitan and South West region and also the only Aboriginal owned and managed women’s refuge. We work collaboratively with a range of other agencies to ensure coordinated and integrated care is provided for Aboriginal people with alcohol and drug problems and for women and children escaping domestic violence. Wooree Miya Women’s Refuge is a 24 hour 7 day a week facility and activities are based on a case management approach to service delivery. We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Wungening Aboriginal Corporation


Resource Officer (Level 1-3)

Resource Officer Application Information Package


Payroll Officer (Level 5.4)

Payroll Officer Application Information Package


Accounts Receivable Officer (Level 5.4)

Accounts Receivable Officer Application Information Package


AOD Counsellor/Educators (Level 4)

AOD Counsellor/Educator Application Information Package


ReSet Adult Justice Service


Case Worker (Level 4)

Case Worker Application Information Package


Team Coordinator – North Hub (Level 6)

Team Coordinator Application Information Package


Wungening Moort


No current vacancies


Wungening Alliance Programs




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Family Support Networks & Intensive Family Support Service


No current vacancies