In 1988 a group of forty local Aboriginal people met to discuss their concerns that mainstream services were not responding effectively to the needs of Aboriginal people in the area of alcohol and substance abuse. A decision was made to set up an Aboriginal service that catered more appropriately to Aboriginal needs. The service became known as the Noongar Alcohol and Substance Abuse Service Inc (NASAS) and was incorporated in 1989. By 1993 NASAS had purchased an office and program facility base in East Perth from where it conducted counselling, family intervention, community development, education and drug awareness programs and always in the context of “our people’s needs are our major priority”.

The Board of Director made the decision to put forward a special resolution to the members in 2015 to consider a name “Wungening Aboriginal Corporation” .  This was endorsed by the Board and members.

From 28 August 2017 AADS will officially be known as Wungening Aboriginal Corporation.

Wungening Aboriginal Corporation is still the only service of its kind in the Perth metropolitan area.

Wungening History 1988-2013

Wungening Constitution May 2017