1.       Can only Aboriginal people access the service?

No, anyone regardless of nationality can access Wungening.


2.       What is the process of getting into see a counsellor?

In order to see a counsellor here at Wungening you need to either ring or present at our East Perth premises or one of our colocations.
Once you present a duty counsellor will generally see you straight away. If you would like to call prior to coming in you can make a specific time, there are always 2 counsellors on duty who will be able to see you.

You can also be referred to Wungening by any other service you are engaged with such as your Doctor, the courts, DCP or employment agency.


3.       Is the service free?

Yes Wungening services are free of charge.


4.       How do I get a referral to Wungening?

Your Doctor, court officer or any other agency that you are engaged with can refer you to Wungening, all they need to do is get our referral form off our website or call our offices and request one.

They can then fax, email – referral@wungening.com.au or post it to us and we will call you to make an appointment.


5.       How old you have to be to access our service?

You need to be 18 years.  However young people between the age of 8 – 17 years old can also receive support and counselling with the written permission of their parents/guardians.


6.       What welfare services do we provide?

We have a welfare officer working on site, who can assist Wungening clients in many ways such as;  support and links to other welfare agencies.


7.       Do we have a rehabilitation service?

Wungening does not have its own rehab but we can help you apply and support you through the process of getting into rehab.


8.       How do I get to detox?

Wungening staff can help you with a referral into detox and also prepare you to go into detox.


9.       What is holistic counselling?

Holistic counselling  acknowledges the interconnection of body, mind and spirit in the healing process. This approach is used by Wungening counsellors to cover all areas of a client’s needs to help heal and nurture a client so they can have the best possible outcome when trying to stop using drugs and/or alcohol.  As a part of holistic counselling Wungening will also ensure a case management approach that encourages all agencies to work together to provide a coordinated response to client’s goals and treatment.


10.   Can I bring a family member with me when I attend the service?

Yes you can definitely bring a family member with you as a support when you attend our service, we understand how important family and support networks are when you are looking towards working on drug and alcohol issues.


11.   Can I get information about a person attending the service?

NO. Wungening is a completely confidential service and we will not release any information about any of our clients without your permission. We will not even tell anyone that you even attend here.


12.   Do I have a choice which counsellor I see?

Generally you will not get to choose who your counsellor will be, you can ask for a particular counsellor but there is no guarantee they will be allocated to you, this is because they may already have many clients. However, you can choose whether your counsellor is male/female and if you would prefer a non-Aboriginal counsellor.  You will need to make us aware if their is a conflict of interest. ie.  family connection to a staff member.


13.   Can I make an appointment?

Yes you can phone up and make an appointment, if it is your first appointment you will see a duty counsellor for an intake interview and a chat.


14.   I am affected by other peoples AOD issues can I access the service?

YES we understand how someone else’s drug and/or alcohol use can affect loved ones, we are able to offer counselling support and guidance to ensure you are managing and also give you strategies to cope when things become difficult.


15.   Can I get financial support from AADS?

NO. Wungening does not offer any financial support, you can see our welfare worker who can assist you by pointing out other services that may be able to assist you.

If you have any question you can email mail@wungening.com.au or phone us on 08 9221 1411.